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Naas sub aqua dive Inishkea Islands
Viking sub aqua group  on the Stags ofBroadhaven
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Stags of Broadhaven
The Stags of Broadhaven rise majestically about 2km offshore. A group of 5 rocks rising over 100m above sea level. huge dramatic pointy topped rocks usually circled in foam,  and one is entirely bisected by a long narrow cave dramatically from one side to the other


Any of the sides of the Stags provides superb diving. A  large white quartzite patch on one face is a landmark for a 40m+ dive. Directly below in about 10m is a very large cave.

On the Eastermost reef there is a spectacular canyon dive 10m deep going for 200m or more but it is very hard to find the entrance, you are usually so overawed by the rest of the reef you miss the entrance. The Westernmost Stag has a face, which has the most spectacular display of jewel anemones, whose profusion and colour is breath-taking.


Belmullet has lots of Island to dive and explore   

Belmullet Belmullet Belmullet
Belmullet Belmullet Belmullet